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LNU-MSU College of International Business (CIB) is located in the coastal city of Dalian in Liaoning Province of northeast China. It is an educational partnership between Missouri State University of the USA and Liaoning Normal University of China.

The partnership between LNU and MSU was formed in June 2000. LNU-MSU CIB offers a two-year AA degree in General Studies and a four-year BS degree in General Business. The program is available to Chinese and international students alike.

LNU-MSU offers a unique learning environment for both Chinese and International students. One key to the success of the program is our management strategy. Like most other partnership programs, the Chinese side, LNU, is responsible for the provision and maintenance of facilities. What makes our program stand out is that MSU is solely responsible for establishing and maintaining academic standards similar to those students could expect if they were enrolled at MSU in the United States. Since we are offering a Western education in China with an intention of sending students abroad, all classes are taught in English and follow a regular university schedule similar to what you might find in the US.

The program in Dalian is formally approved by the governing bodies of both universities – the Ministry of Education in the People’s Republic of China and the MSU Board of Governors in the United States. The goal of this educational partnership is to increase cultural and educational exchange, and to promote friendship and understanding between the United States and China.

LNU-MSU Website: http://china.missouristate.edu/cib
LNU Website: http://english.lnnu.edu.cn/index.html

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