Author: Jake.Spon

For most foreigners who work in or visit China, it can be easily noticed that despite the regulation set by the government of China upon the internet, China has already established its very own internet system.

Having the experience of associating with many foreign friends and being a Chinese native, it has come to my attention that most foreigners are having problem in adapting to Chinese internet environment, therefore, i would like to give you some advice on how to adapt to Chinese social medias, and how to live like a native.

Let’s start with the most popular social media—Wechat

WeChat is a messaging and calling app that allows you to easily connect with family and friends across countries. Its the all-in-one communication app for text (SMS/MMS), voice calls, Moments, Photo sharing, and games.

You can sign up for a Wechat account with any working phone number, as long as you can receive verification code from Wechat official. Then, you can input your personal information, and upload your selfies or whatever that pleases you for your profile photo. Below is a screenshot of my account before i log in ( For your password, you can also set up your own voiceprint to log in)3 WAYS TO MASTER WECHAT


  How to add contacts

  •  You can show others your QR code for them to add you 3 WAYS TO MASTER WECHAT
  • You can add contacts by scanning their QR code 3 WAYS TO MASTER WECHAT
  • You can also add contacts by searching for their phone number or ID


How to start a group chat 

3 WAYS TO MASTER WECHATSelect people you want to include and then hit Done

One important thing you need to learn about Wechat is that only your contacts can text or voice/video call you, and only they can comment and see your posts in the Moments. Once the Moment is posted, you can no long edit it, but you will be able to delete it.

How to make your first Wechat Moment

  • To post Moments with text (media excluded)


  • To post Moments with pictures and videos.
    The maximum number for pictures or videos is 9. 3 WAYS TO MASTER WECHAT

With already created WeChat profile you can easily access  Wechat Web here.

About the author: Jake is a young, talented, and highly creative freelancer with major in English Language.